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Active sitting

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SpinaliS is the only chair in the world that allows you the comfort of a modern office chair while at the same time it mimics active sitting on a therapeutic ball - the latter is what therapists recommend as the best tool for healthy sitting.

What is active sitting?

Active sitting activates the back and abdominal muscles. As a rule, such sitting requires a moveable seat, thus “forcing” the user to activate muscles in order to maintain balance of the body otherwise they would fall off the seat.

A therapeutic ball is the most typical comparison to the seat, which forces one to keep correct posture with upright spine. Such sitting encourages constant activity, strengthening the back and abdominal muscles and thus relieving the intervertebral discs, reducing pain in the spine and increasing physical fitness.


One feels the benefits of using SpinaliS the very first days of sitting on this innovative chair. Unlike regular office chairs, the back muscles remain active and strengthen while sitting on a SpinaliS, without the need to pay any particular attention to it.

  • On-going strengthening of back muscles
  • Discus and vertebral relief
  • Encourages an upright posture
  • Strengthens the abdominal muscles
  • Improved blood circulation of the lumbar area
  • Freedom of movement of the body in all directions
  • Mobility of the pelvis
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Improved respiratory and digestive functions
  • Lowers the burden on the leg joints
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • The dynamic effect improves circulation of the intervertebral discs, which is important in preventing degenerative changes in the spine
  • Angle of the movable seating surface reduces pressure on the large veins for blood circulation
  • Hand rests relieve shoulder girdle muscles
  • Properly designed lumbar support provides relief, and a result your spine remains in the correct position.


Healthy sitting

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The spine “breaks” in the lower back during body movement, leading to injuries and pain.

Due to uneven pressure on the discs, passive sitting on an ergonomic chair with a fixed seat causes pain and damage to the back.

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Sitting on a SpinaliS mimics sitting on a therapeutic ball.

For individuals with spinal injuries the healthcare professionals have recommended for a long time that one should sit on a therapeutic ball. The same is recommended for children as it forces active sitting – proper posture, strengthening back and abdominal muscles.

zdravo sedenje

Because of the moveable seat, which is following the movement of the body, the backbone is in the correct position all the time.

Active sitting on a SpinaliS chair mimics active sitting on a therapeutic ball – strengthening back and abdominal muscles, encouraging proper posture and thus preventing back pain.


Take part in retail sale of an innovative product, which makes it possible for its end users to sit in a healthy and active way! SpinaliS is a family business with dedicated staff, who are distinguished by their kindness, integrity and thoroughness.


Since I am an aesthete and at the same time I am swearing on quality and comfort, I chose the SpinaliS Navigator which impressed me while testing it in the showroom. It is really different from the others I've tried in stores.

Maja Ferme

Maja Ferme