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A success story

Because of lower back pain in 1999 I visited several doctors and physiotherapists who advised me to sit on an orthopaedic ball during work. I found that sitting on the ball was very beneficial, but quite difficult and impractical at work. That is why I made my own chair that was perfect in imitating sitting on the ball, but it did not resemble a proper chair yet.

When customers who came to my advertising sign company asked about it, I started thinking about its production and marketing, but I had to check first what medical professionals thought about it. I contacted an orthopaedist, prof. Janko Popovic, PhD- MD., who was sceptical during our first telephone conversation. He said that he had received about 20 chairs a year to assess, and had not yet recommended any. Though, quite unconfident, I still visited him. However, when he congratulated me, I got the encouragement and decided to start producing the chairs for others as well.

I first presented my patented invention at the Alpe Adria Home 2000 fair. My girlfriend and I were assembling four chairs until five in the morning on the day of the fair, but it proved to be very rewarding, because the response of fair visitors was remarkable. The enthusiasm at other domestic fairs, such as the furniture fair in Ljubljana and Celje, did not subside. Many fair visitors visited us at our sales-showroom.

At the Trade Fair in Celje 2001 we had already received the order for the thousandth SpinaliS chair, which after 11 developmental stages finally took the shape of a modern office chair. Sales have been increasing day by day since.

The SpinaliS chair with a movable seat does not allow for passive sitting, which means that the back muscles are constantly tense and thus they strengthen. Thereby the pressure on the intervertebral discs is reduced, which has a positive impact on the entire spine.

I recommend it to you!

Tomaž Ham

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2010 – SpinaliS' 10th birthday

In ten years 36,000 satisfied users (end of 2013 already 65,000!) have been persuaded by the benefits of the chair and its positive effects on the spine. This revolutionary office chair namely mimics sitting on a therapeutic ball. Over the years the Ham Ltd. company has received numerous domestic and international awards and praise from experts in various fields for the chair that restores health. In constant quest for quality and because of increasing demand the company shifted from making chairs manually to a modern robotized production.

Sandra and Tomaž Ham, the company's founders, created a chair that would allow for active sitting, prevent back pain and improve posture, all because of Tomaž' back problems. The SpinaliS chair whose design is based on the shape and functioning of a therapeutic ball, has surpassed their initial dreams and has made healthy sitting possible for thousands of satisfied users.

The idea of ​​SpinaliS occurred when a therapist recommended that Tomaž sit on a therapeutic ball. Sitting on a ball is beneficial, but impractical for the work environment, so the idea arose for a chair that would have the same health benefits and is also suitable for any room. The result was the first SpinaliS chair, whose positive effects on health are also confirmed by a renowned orthopaedic surgeon.

The first visits to trade fairs and presentations were already a huge success. SpinaliS gained a lot of interest and attention. The company took into account the suggestions and wishes of many customers, thus creating a wide selection of SpinaliS chairs that are not only devices for maintaining health but are also an aesthetic complement to every room in which they are located. In addition to the Basic model there are many other models available now: the models Smart, Hacker, Apollo, Navigator and other custom versions for different target groups from schoolchildren and students, to office workers and managers.

The positive effects of sitting on a SpinaliS chair are supported by many stories of satisfied users, positive opinions of doctors and of course, by numerous awards, among which the Business Award for the most innovative European idea, Slovenian Quality (SQ) and the Austrian TÜV certificate should be mentioned. SpinaliS Basic model was even selected the "Best Buy" among the most renowned office chairs by The London Independent magazine.

The advantages of SpinaliS were also demonstrated by the radio host Marko Potrč, who continuously hosted a radio program for 122 hours in 2004 on a SpinaliS chair and entered the Guinness Book of Records. As he says, he had spent a long time thinking, what to do in order to facilitate long sitting. "When I heard about the SpinaliS, I immediately tested it and without hesitation chose it as my "companion" in setting the record. SpinaliS has demonstrated that it is really the best in preventing pain and problems regarding long-term sitting", said Marko Potrč.

What can SpinaliS provide for the spine of every individual can be summarized in the opinion of prof. Janko Popovic, PhD-MD, who believes that: "Sitting on a SpinaliS chair is one of the important preventive measures in minimizing spinal problems”.


Take part in retail sale of an innovative product, which makes it possible for its end users to sit in a healthy and active way! SpinaliS is a family business with dedicated staff, who are distinguished by their kindness, integrity and thoroughness.


Our journey has been interesting, varied, and above all successful. Since the company’s foundation we have received several awards and certificates. We are striving all the way to protect the original patent of the Slovenian knowledge. By continually nurturing the trust of our customers the SpinaliS brand is also internationally recognized as a synonym for health and well-being for the spine.